Top 10 Considerations When Outsourcing Mobile Development Projects

1) Total project cost is probably one of your biggest questions when looking at outsourcing mobile app development.  You should consider the development costs, the design costs, the mobile qa costs and the post launch support costs. 

2) Look at the business reputation of the mobile development company you are hiring. Failing to take the reputation of the company into account may be one of the biggest mistakes. 

3) How innovative the company is should also top your priority list. Look for a company that can transform your idea into a big thing through innovative approach.

4) They should obviously have a team of qualified mobile app developers. Without this, you can’t be certain that your project will be handled to from concept to launch. 

5) Look at their level of customer service and account management. If they don’t have a dedicated account management support, you should think twice. 

6) Size matters, well not really.  A good partner should have a team that demonstrates their ability to work on complex mobile projects -- but the team may only be 2 people and that's okay. 

7) Look at the company’s previous projects of similar nature as yours before hiring them. If they have excelled in similar projects, then they are likely a good fit.

8) Check if they also have skills and expertise in different mobile technologies and platforms to be sure 

9) Make sure that the company offers custom mobile app development and provides specifications that will be in accordance with your business needs. Last thing you want is some app that doesn't do what you wanted.

10) Make sure you both get along. It's important to have a strong and honest relationship with our mobile development team. Spend time on the phone, in person, at dinner before signing the agreement. If you can't communicate, it's not going to work.