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GoPoint Studios – 2023 Wrap Up

By oliver

Greetings from GoPoint Studios

What a year it’s been! As 2023 winds down, we are proud to share a recap of the exciting developments and groundbreaking projects that have defined our journey at GoPoint Studios. We have delved deep into producing and distributing unique and inspirational video content. From our focus on and bespoke development of DEI-related series to sustainability, we have worked hand in hand with our Client partners, helping them navigate their media landscapes and find their audiences.

Kind Coffee Takes Center Stage at Advertising Week New York

During Advertising Week New York, GoPoint Studios showcased Kind Coffee Cooperative on 25% of the main digital screens in partnership with The product combines ingredients from RPG, Bridgetown Mushrooms, and, promoting kindness and sustainability. Look out for its release in February 2024!

A Sneak Peek into our Upcoming Series on ReachTV

In the early summer of 2023, GoPoint Studios co-produced “Sustainable GOAT” with CEO Steve Cassingham, known for his no-nonsense approach to sustainability. The first season will debut on ReachTV in December 2023, reaching millions of airport travelers nationwide.

The Sustainable GOAT series, in collaboration with GoPoint Studios, ReachTV, and Advertising Week, provides a fantastic platform to showcase those reshaping the vision of a sustainable world. We explore topics like energy, scalable algae as an oil substitute, and innovative sailing. The individuals behind these initiatives are exceptional, embodying the GOAT spirit with a holistic approach to change. We’re excited about upcoming episodes covering nuclear power, regenerative agriculture, and ocean preservation and innovation. Season three of the podcast will feature bigger guests, increased audience engagement, and exciting collaborations. After a successful 2023, 2024 will see an expanded partnership with GoPoint Studios as we work toward building a future-ready media company.

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DEI Focused Content: Introduction Pilots Including The Evolving Human and Renaissance Woman

At Advertising Week NY, GoPoint Studios, Dew Media Productions, and Group Black partnered to produce sessions focused on inspirational, intentional, and explorative topics. Amid recent DEI challenges, we believe in the power of the DEI message. We’ll collaborate with minority voices to emphasize accountability, and not by changing just the message.

Sessions included “The Evolving Human,” exploring sensitive topics for men of color, and “Renaissance Woman,” addressing critical issues impacting all women.

2023 in Review: Building Strategic Partnerships at Scale!

In 2023, at GoPoint Studios, we had an exciting and transformative year that truly redefined the way we approach strategic production partnerships with agencies. Let’s dive into the highlights!

One of our standout moments was teaming up with the brilliant minds at Lippincott this past year to become the primary production outsource partner for their internal agency, EIE. Below are some of the projects we had the privilege to partner with them on…

Together, we took on the challenge of revamping DigiKey, a beloved but somewhat hidden gem in the distributor world. With our collective expertise, we turned DigiKey into a global e-commerce powerhouse, breathing new life into its brand and introducing it to audiences worldwide.

Then, there was our gig with Canton Network, a blockchain player looking to set new standards. We rolled up our sleeves and crafted a brand standard that not only oozed trust and innovation but also screamed “security” in the world of blockchain networks. It was a thrilling ride, to say the least.

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And how could we forget our partnership with Danaher? We took their already impressive global leadership status and turned it into a brand powerhouse. By aligning their brand with their core values, we helped them stand out in a competitive landscape and connect with both employees and customers on a whole new level.

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Lastly, we had the privilege of working with LendingTree, where we played a pivotal role in supercharging the branding of their latest offering: Spring. By unleashing the full potential of LendingTree’s Spring, we drove customer engagement and loyalty higher than they had ever experienced previously.

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Closing Thoughts

In 2023, GoPoint Studios didn’t just take on projects; we created a strategic partnership at scale, embarking on creative adventures that reshaped industries and transformed brands. 

We’re eager to keep pushing boundaries and innovating with established partners and new ones in 2024!

We value your thoughts and feedback and look forward to continued interactions. For collaborations or inquiries, we’re just an email away. Stay connected with us for more exhilarating updates as we head into 2024.

Happy Holidays,

The GoPoint Studios Team

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