We Reviewed 50 of the Most Effective Explainer Videos

and Here's What We Found

When you explain your product or service to your customers, do you have a picture in your head of the amazing benefits you provide? Have you taken the time to make that image into a video to help your customers understand?  If you haven’t, you likely aren’t taking every opportunity you can to effectively reach your customers.


It’s no secret that using video in your content marketing is on the rise: YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web and has more than 2 billion active monthly users. Not only are the numbers there, videos are an effective way to tell your story: people retain 95% of what they watch in a video, versus 10% of what they read in text.

These days, especially as the global pandemic has shifted most marketing towards digital, video is essential, and explainer videos are a great place to start integrating video into your plan. If you’ve ever tried to explain a complex concept or idea to someone, you know it can be tough to find the words to explain something effectively yet succinctly. That’s why explainer videos are so effective. They introduce a concept in a real-world visual way to cover the topic in a digestible way. 

GoPoint knows what it takes

to get results from explainer videos.

Explainer videos can be a quick overview of your product, service or company, and they’re a great point of entry for people who don’t otherwise know your brand. They’re not just for big brands anymore: brands of all accessibility, budget, and size can create effective explainer videos in a compelling way to weave what a company does with their brand story. 


GoPoint knows what it takes to get results from explainer videos. We believe in the power of video marketing, but we understand not everyone does. If you’ve got a small team, a small amount of capital, or not enough time to really invest in a major video project, video can seem too risky to even consider. Even for big companies, video is scary if you’ve got no experience creating it.

But the fact that you’re here shows us you’re not in complete denial about how important video is for businesses of all sizes. You probably just need some convincing.

Good thing, too. With over 6,000 videos under our belt, we know a thing or two about how to strategize, create, and launch a successful video. We bring together the power of explainer videos and targeted marketing strategies to help clients achieve their marketing & sales funnel goals. For brands, believing in how transformative video can be for your ROI is the first step in making a valuable video your target audience will love.

Our video production and marketing team works with our clients to first understand a customer’s conversion goals, and then assist in the marketing implementation to help achieve them. This experience gives us a unique view into what works and what’s less effective when it comes to creating explainer videos.


So, get ready. We’re about to throw some major video knowledge at you and show you why you need video in today’s digital-first world.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

It’s not hard to see why video is so popular. It’s an easy-to-digest format that diversifies from the text content that we’re often inundated with online. It’s a faster way to consume information, and keeps people’s attention longer, which makes it no surprise that video is predicted to consume around 82% of total internet traffic by 2022. 


Explainer videos specifically have a benefit for businesses—in fact, they can increase conversion rates of landing pages by 80%, and even better, 93% of businesses who use explainer videos believe that it has increased user understanding of their product or service. If your website has an explainer video, the average user is likely to spend 88% more time on your website, according to Forbes. The ROI on explainer videos is clear whether your goal is lead generation, conversion, or sales. 

With over 6,000 videos under our belt, we know a thing or two about how to strategize, create, and launch a successful video.

Not only are they a great return on investment, but they are also practical. Here are some of the additional benefits:


They Grab Attention

There’s no doubt video is engaging and that people love visual entertainment. Explainer videos have the double benefit of being entertaining and educational. It helps make customers listen to what you are telling them about your brand, leading to higher engagement. 


You Can Use Them Anywhere and Anytime

Explainer videos can be used in many different scenarios and on different platforms. You can use them on ads, social media, on your website, or even in situations like embedding a link to the video in your email signature. 


The investment is worth it—video can be used at every level of your sales funnel, whether it’s finding new leads or retaining and engaging existing customers. Explainer videos are great for when you’ve found a weak point in your sales funnel where you see people drop off: you can use a video to have an additional explanation of the concept to help encourage conversions. 


They also have an added benefit of being sharable—if people enjoy it, they can send it to friends and family across social networks or any other way they communicate. 

They Can Tell Your Story

Explainer videos aren’t just for promoting a product or service, they’re also an opportunity to let your brand shine. You may have competition that has similar offerings to yours, but your competitors can’t copy the most powerful marketing tool: your unique personality. Your explainer video is an opportunity to talk about your product or service, but also a chance for you to show off what makes you different. 

They Help SEO

Not only is video an integral part of a marketing message, but it’s also a vital ranking signal for search engine optimization (SEO). When optimized correctly, your video will help customers find you through search engines like Google and YouTube, which will get you more views and ultimately higher ranks in searches in the future.

They Sell Without Being "Salesy"

It may sound illogical to spend marketing or sales budget on something that’s not directly related to revenue, but explainer videos are actually a quite effective tool for connecting with and selling to customers. Well produced explainer videos have three objectives: to explain something to customers, to educate people, and to be entertaining. In an explainer video, there is no need to directly say that your company is the best option for customers. Rather, in the video, you should explain to customers how the brand solves pain points and helps customers without making the pitch.

They Evoke Emotion

Explainer videos interact with human emotions at different levels because it combines visual, sound, ideas, and sometimes text all at the same time. That means, no matter how someone learns, they’re likely to retain some part of the message. In addition, if an explainer video is produced properly, a video creator can capture the emotion that the video watcher should be feeling, making the marketing message more meaningful, and allowing the brand to interact with the audience on a more personal level.

The investment is worth it — video can be used at every level of your sales funnel.

Types of Explainer Videos

Whether we’re talking simple animations or high-production live-action videos, explainer videos come in many different forms. This versatile content form packs a powerful punch—here are a few of the main types of explainer videos that can be effective for your business.

Whiteboard Animation Video

A basic, streamlined way to test out the effectiveness of explainer videos, whiteboard animation is a style of animated video where the story is shown on a whiteboard using creative that appears hand-drawn. While there are programs out there that allow companies to easily and cheaply make homemade whiteboard videos, it’s important to make sure to maintain quality with a good script and character animation, which is why it’s important to look beyond the conventional and think outside the box when creating these explainer videos to avoid a forgettable experience. 

Motion Graphics Animation Video

Motion graphic animation videos are known for being straightforward—they bring graphics to life with animation, visual effects, and other cinematic techniques. These explainer videos aren’t always story-based and may include animations of shapes, logos, or text.

2D Character Animation Video

One step further from motion graphics, 2D animation adds some storytelling into your explainer video by including characters and scenes through professional animation. A highly versatile style, this animation gives you the creative space to include customization.

3D Animation Video

3D animation is known for being the highest-end type of animation with an emphasis on narration. As the name says, 3D animation involves animating objects to appear in a three-dimensional fashion.  It can also be more expensive and requires a higher effort to get ideal results. This can be especially powerful for showing products that are still in development.

Screencast Video

Screencast explainer videos incorporate imagery from a screen, whether it’s a website, software, or app while it’s in use. This is an effective way of showing users how to interact with new apps or software without having to read a lot of text. Creating a simple low-resolution screencast video can be done by anyone with a computer these days, but a higher quality screencast is recommended to properly represent a brand.


Live-action video uses real people to accomplish an explanation of your product or service. Whether it’s live-action footage on its own, or cut with screencasts or animated elements, this is a good option for people-oriented products where you need to show someone using something or want to show the human side of your brand.

Your competitors can’t copy the most powerful marketing tool:

your unique personality. 

Before You Create An Explainer Video

Before creating or hiring a company to create an explainer video, there are several important aspects to make sure to keep in mind. 


This is the key—your explainer video may be the first impression that someone has of your brand, so the higher quality the better. 



Speaking to a specific audience makes an explainer video more effective, otherwise, a generic video can be quickly forgotten.



Clear, concise messaging is essential when creating your explainer video—you have a short chance to get someone’s attention, so getting the point across effectively is important.

Your Individuality


Your branding and your story should all stand out in your explainer video. Not only does this create powerful brand associations, it might be the only thing differentiating your company from your competition. 

Where to Use Explainer Videos

Get the biggest return on your investment by using your explainer video in the most influential places, including: 


  • Homepage: Your website is the hub of all your content, so your explainer video should live somewhere on the website. Since your homepage gets the most traffic on your website, it’s a natural place to add your video if you want the most eyes on it as possible. ​

  • Social Media: Sharing your explainer video on all your social media channels increases engagement and gets more eyes on your investment. 


  • Landing Pages: Adding your explainer video to landing pages with additional content offers gives an additional conversion source to convince people to take the next action. 


  • Email Campaigns: Whether it’s a customer newsletter, an engagement campaign, or a lead generation campaign, adding an explainer video can add that visual element to push people over the edge. ​​


Social network concept
  • Sales Outreach/Pitches: Arm your sales team with your explainer videos so they can use them in pitches and warm up cold leads when they reach out. 

  • Digital Ads/Retargeting Ads: If you have great traffic on your website but have trouble with conversion, using your explainer video in retargeting ads can help give people the added information they need towards a purchase.

How to Decide Whether You Need an Explainer Video

There are a few major signs that point to a brand needing an explainer video. Here are some of the most prominent ones: 


  • You’re Struggling to Increase Conversion Rates: You might be getting quite a bit of traffic to your site, but you’re not seeing the conversion numbers. An explainer video added to your website or landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. ​​


 Young Woman Contemplating
  • You’d Like to Improve Your Ad Performance: Explainer videos increase website traffic, and in conjunction click-through-rates, engagement, and overall ad performance, so getting one running on your site will get more eyes and more interaction with your brand. 


  • You Need to Simplify Your Story: Explainer videos can take complex details of a company, product or process and bring them to life in a visual manner that will educate target prospects and customers better and faster. ​

  • You Want to Improve SEO Rankings: Video is proven to help boost SEO rankings due to increased time on page, lower bounce rates, and other positive factors that influence Google’s SEO algorithms. 

The Basics of Creating Effective Explainer Videos

Here are some tips for creating a solid explainer video that clearly describes your business and drives more sales. 


Keep it Short and Simple

Explainer videos don’t need to be long videos, in fact, the more concise, the better. Keep an explainer video between 60 and 90 seconds, and make sure you cut your script to the most important thing. Remember: the longer your video, the more likely people will drop out of watching it. You don’t have to say everything, you just need to provide the most important parts. Make sure to take the time to understand what’s most important to your potential customers. The best explainer videos cut their videos to concentrate on the 4 most important details:

The Problem

How It Works

The Solution

Call to Action

Focus on Benefits 

Whether you have a product or service, the temptation is always to focus on features, but explainer videos shouldn’t focus on that. Instead, they should focus on the benefits your product or service will provide because that’s what really matters to the customers. 

Set the Tone 

No matter what your budget is, there are ways to maintain quality. Audio quality, a professional voice, and high-quality resolution are non-negotiables when it comes to explainer videos. If you are adding music, make sure to do the research to get the licensing and rights, and keep your video professional and high-quality through and through. 


Have Fun with It

Let your personality shine through—adding a little bit of humor or something surprising can go a long way to delight and impress potential customers. It’s a way to connect with people and show them that you’re not just a serious company, but you have personality behind it.

How to Find the Right Agency Partner

Once you’ve determined an explainer video is the right move for your business, it’s time to choose a partner. But what makes a good partner? Here are some great agency partner qualities: 

They Have an Amazing Portfolio 

You want to find an agency that does high-quality work and their portfolio shows it. This will give you a sense of the agency’s style to see if it fits your brand personality. Keep an eye out for things that truly make a video great: amazing animation, thoughtful transitions, good scripting and strategy, and the best quality audio. 

They Know How to Tell A Story

An explainer video is the perfect opportunity to tell your brand story. Sure, the main purpose is to educate and inform, but the second priority should be to truly let your brand shine. A good agency partner will know how to ask the right questions to learn your brand to truly find what sets you apart from others in your industry. Explainer videos should capture the essence of the company and answer how you can solve a customer’s problem or provide value to them. 

They Have a Process To Make Things Easy

Agencies that have experience making high-quality explainer videos will be able to articulate the timeline of the project and walk you through step-by-step what the process will look like. From storyboarding, to scriptwriting, to animation, to sound, it’s good to understand what to expect and how long things will take. 

You Like The People You’re Working With

Of course, you want your agency to have a good reputation, good ratings on Yelp or Google—but more importantly, you have to be comfortable with them. When you like who you’re working with, you are more willing to communicate, which makes the process smoother and more pleasant. Trust your gut—if you find that you like who you're working with and that you share values, it will make the whole experience exponentially better for both parties.

Wrapping Up

As our world becomes more and more digital, brands have to focus on how they can connect with their customers virtually. We at GoPoint believe in the power of video marketing. We create engaging video content that speaks to the specific brand value, service offering, or product value through 2D and 3D animation as well as live-action testimonials or “day in the life” style storytelling. We do this from concept to completion that includes developing scripts, voice-over, storyboards, design boards, animatics, animation, filming, and editing.


When done correctly, explainer videos can be extremely powerful, engaging prospects, educating and upselling current customers, and ultimately contributing to the bottom line. We know that by bringing together the power of explainer videos and targeted marketing strategies to help clients achieve their marketing & sales funnel goals.


Our video production and marketing team works with our clients to first understand a customer’s conversion goals, and then assist in the marketing implementation to help achieve them. 


If you’re looking to learn more about how explainer videos can help you tell your brand story and increase your conversion goals, let’s chat to see if we’d make a great match. Contact us

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