Animation could be the answer to your Covid-19 content production problems right now!

The world has changed and you need to evolve with it ...

As Covid-19 constrains what marketers and brans can do right now, your instinct may be to pause efforts, but hunkering down will only set you back 10x when we get on the other side of this.

Your business has a place in this new woke world. In fact, it's time to find your place in it - because in some ways it's never going away.

Now is the time to be brave and get animated ...

Animation has always been a powerful visual storytelling medium, but since covid-19 hit, animations have become one of the hottest trends in content marketing. Animation is usually a vastly underestimated and underemployed tool in both B2C and B2B marketing. Because many of the familiar options such as live-action interviews or films are now much more restricted due to covid-19, we're seeing more brands are open to giving animation a try. However, what they don’t realise yet, is that animation is often the best solution for their brief. It's a wonderful format that allows us to tell complex stories, which might not be very visually interesting, in a simple and engaging way.

The variety of possible animation styles is unlimited. Whether 2D, 3D, mixed-media, or stop motion; your project can move forward in a style and sensibility that suits your brand or campaign needs. You can create a dynamic 90-second television animation for $10K in 2D or $200k in 3D - or - create a 90-second motion graphic explainer video for between $1K to $5K depending on script, storyboard or voice over needs. That said, a great animation tells a story in a way that is engaging for its audience, whether that's in a corporate style, or much more playful.

Animations can be executed on a similar timeline to live action physical production; if not faster. Brands that don’t usually use animations will be surprised by how well this format can work for their business and successfully communicat product capabilities, brand values or connect on a personal level with their consumer.

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