Designed a digital wallet that provides an unparalleled experience for transacting in a Bitcoin-first world.

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Bitcoin-first transactions made easy: we developed a seamless mobile app experience for every Bitcoin-based transaction possible.

OpenNode came to GoPoint with a clear vision to Make Bitcoin Payments Easy, For Everyone, Everywhere, and a powerful mission To bring ease of use, security and credibility to Bitcoin Payments, and to educate and enable people and their communities to positively experience the financial freedom and transparency that Bitcoin provides by building on top of the Bitcoin lightning network for the fastest, safest and most reliable payments standard available.

In order to realize this vision and achieve its mission, OpenNode needed to design an unparalleled user experience that takes the many complex variables involved in the Bitcoin payment processes and makes it easy and effortless for the user. Working with PIXL8, we strategically defined all the user flows. Our team developed a holistic UX redesign based on our technical knowledge and strategic consumer insights. We delivered the complete UX and tool kit to enable OpenNode to successfully expand into the consumer Bitcoin payment business.

Key Activities:

Audit & Analysis

We performed competitor analyses and extracted capabilities, requirements, and goals from all stakeholders to lay the groundwork to successfully create an unparallel Bitcoin wallet experience.

UX Conceptualization

We designed conceptualization work sessions focused on designing the core user flows and happy paths.

UX/UI Design

We designed a full UX comprehensive screen map, including user journeys, copy and content, and wireframes for iOS and Android.

UI Tool Kit

We created UI resources, core screen designs, and other creative assets based on the BEMOE Brand Book and ID package.

Results & Impact

Working with PIXL8, we designed OpenNode’s mobile app UX/UI for iOS and Android. The new wallet launching soon will allow OpenNode to expand its vertical integration from eCommerce crypto payment processing to now include the effortless eCommerce crypto wallet used to make those payments. We designed the user experience to truly deliver on the vision of the company.

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