Relaunched digital presence with new brand, website & app; reinventing rider experience.

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Helping to revolutionize the future of mobility: we developed a platform experience for any life context, any channel, and any content.

In 2017, Rally achieved an incredible feat in the rideshare industry by executing the largest mass mobilization in history: over 50,000 protestors used Rally, a bus-sharing platform, to go to the Women’s March in Washington D.C. With an exciting opportunity on his hands, Founder and CEO, Numaan Akram, tapped Vivaldi to capitalize on growth opportunities. GoPoint was eager to partner with Vivaldi and a venture that recognized the power of platform thinking to set a strategic foundation for growth. 

In order to capitalize on the business growth opportunities, Rally needed to redesign the user flow to engage all members of the platform, creating an experience that was conversational and ever-green. Working with Vivaldi, we strategically redefined user flow through the lens of the different platform user types. Our team developed a holistic UX redesign based on our technical knowledge and strategic consumer insights. We delivered the necessary UX and tool kit to enable Rally to successfully transition into a cutting edge platform business.

Key Activities:

UX Audit

We created a truncated audit of the existing Rally website and Rally Bus internal structure, cross referenced with new business goals and user insights.

UX Conceptualization

We designed conceptualization work sessions focused on redesigning the core user flow through the lens of the different platform user types (organizer / creator / spectator).

UX Redesign

We designed a full UX comprehensive sitemap, including user flow diagram, copy and content, and screen-agnostic wireframes for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

UI Tool Kit

We created UI resources, core page designs, and other creative assets based on the Rally Bus Brand Book and ID package.

Results & Impact

Working with Vivaldi, we relaunched Rally’s digital presence with a new brand experience, a design refresh, and updated messaging. The new platform launched a few months ago and it has allowed the company to expand across the nation and to start thinking about international expansion. We reinvented the rider experience to truly deliver on the vision of the company.

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