Surf Monks

Connecting the authentic surf experience in the real world with the digital world.

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Connecting the authentic surf experience in the real world with the digital world.The Surf Monks was created to connect the authentic surf experience in the real world with the digital world.

To start, we worked with the founders to create 12 surfing monkeys that reflect real world surfing personalities, with the mission to build a community who relates to the characters. The goal of the community based NFT approach is to create events, parties, and trips for the community focused on sharing the natural beauty of the ocean as well as partner with charities that are focused on cleaning the ocean and creating food and water abundance for those that need it most. Lastly, partner with smaller, authentic surf brands for unique collaborations to help their businesses grow. The GoPoint team was truly passionate and inspired by the impact we could make.

Working with founders and SOS Pictures, GoPoint planned and built out an NFT supported sustainability company designed to remove plastic waste from the ocean and beaches, rebuild and reinvigorate coral reef habitat, plant trees to remove carbon dioxide from the air and invest directly in businesses that are taking plastic waste and repurposing it into new products like t-shirts, board shorts, bikinis, wetsuits, jackets, shoes, sunglasses and water bottles.

Here’s how:

We designed and built an alternative world called Nani Island with an initial cast of 12 characters called “The Surf Monks”, who are modeled after surf personas we’re all familiar with. This alternate world is based on very simple principles that we believe the world needs to adopt in order to give humanity a shot at reversing the destruction we’ve unleashed on the planet. These principles are:

1. Elimination of single use plastics from the global marketplace
2. Enable local, community-based, neighbor to neighbor agriculture
3. Plant trees, a lot of them, especially fruit trees

Each one of The Surf Monk characters is tied to at least one of the principles listed above with each character promoting these principles through daily posts on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. The end goal being to partner with companies that are already making products out of repurposed single use plastic and plastic/nylon fishing nets which are the largest contributors to global ocean pollution in order to sell their repurposed plastic products (like the apparel listed above) directly to the community targeted by “The Surf Monks”.

Key Activities:

Content Design 

  • NFT Activation Model
  • Character Bible / Trait Development
  • Character Design / Illustration
  • Storyboards / Design Boards
  • Animation / Motion Design
  • Video Production / NFT Formating

Results & Impact

During each 12 week season, dropped 300-400 NFT’s per week.
4,720 in total NFT supply in Season 1.
Developed one of the 1st surf communities merging the metaverse with physical world events.

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